What will be changed by Tesla fully autonomous driving technology and ROBOTAXI

When the fully autonomous driving technology is completed, Tesla vehicles will become ROBOTAXI, and they will become robot taxis that carry ride-sharing services like Uber while traveling around the city. As a result, Tesla is highly evaluated for its corporate value, including not only automobile manufacturing companies, but also artificial intelligence software + ride-sharing services.

However, it is unlikely that fully autonomous driving technology will be completed very soon. The fanciful concept of Tesla cars being used by the owner of the car when they go to work, and moving around on its own like a robot without human intervention for the rest of the time, picking up passengers, and returning later at work, is unlikely to be fully achieved in near future.

However, the ripple effect of this vision is thought to be significant. It is thought to open a new era in which the concept of car ownership and use is completely different. Most of the cars were used during rush hour and weekends, and the rest of the time, they were mostly standing in parking lots. And it was Uber who changed it a little. Uber innovated the market by creating a ride-sharing service that picked up passengers like a taxi by car owners. Car owners can use their cars to make money by sharing rides.

However, it is another thing that Tesla destroys the market from the perspective of the car, not from the perspective of the car owner.

Tesla says it plans to make it possible to change the driver profile. Just as a single PC can be shared by logging into multiple accounts, so is a car. In addition, the autopilot and software can be switched to several modes that limits the driver’s behavior even before it is fully autonomous, and it can monitor vehicle operation and outside of the car through the cameras.

In this case, if you take a Tesla car at rush hour and switch it to Tesla ROBOTAXI mode, someone can log in to that car, share the ride like Uber, and return it later. And that someone’s behavior can be controlled and monitored by autonomous driving software. Then, you will be able to make money using the vehicle with confidence.

Even people who do not have a car can register as a Tesla RoboTaxi driver and earn money by sharing rides. Also passengers will have more safety in Tesla car. And all of the person’s driving history can be managed whether it is safe driving or not. And Tesla will go into smart insurance business and deal with accidents and so on.

If this happens, the automobile industry will be shaken again. In this direction, Tesla is at the forefront and the gap with the latecomers is wide.

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